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About BSP organic farm.

BSP Farm is a regenerative certified organic farm located on the altitude +/- 1,000 m above sea level in West Java, on the foot of Mount Salak. Our Farming is an approach to agriculture that goes beyond simply avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We focus on improving soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem resilience while producing nutritious food. One of the things that differentiate us from other farms is our location & the water source. BSP Farm is situated on the edge of Mount Salak protected rain forest, ensuring a contamination-free and pollution-free environment.

When BSP Farm changed from conventional farming to organic farming in 1995, we realized that it was going to be a business where ethics should come first. Organic farming that we do stresses the importance of attitude. Our Farm should never take part in environmental destruction for profit. It should emphasize sustainability instead. Regenerative organic farming seeks to regenerate and improve the overall health and resilience of agricultural ecosystems. Our objective is to restore and enhance the natural resources upon which sustainable food production relies.

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our fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides. Disease prevention in crops usually involves pest management, crop rotation, and companion planting. Our farming practices emphasize the use of natural and sustainable methods to promote soil health and reduce environmental impact. The farming of our produce emphasizes soil health, crop rotation, and the use of organic compost and natural amendments to maintain and improve the quality of the soil. Certification standards for the produce involve strict guidelines for sustainable and chemical-free farming.




Our crops focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. This includes avoiding synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and using natural methods to control pests and also involve cultivation in natural ecosystems, which can help preserve biodiversity. Additionally, our crops often involves avoiding synthetic fertilizers and prioritizing the use of organic compost and other natural soil amendments. All of our crops are grown in ways that promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of their production.

other products

free range eggs
raw honey

similar to our produce, there are also specific standards for our eggs and honey production. Our eggs come from hens raised in accordance with organic farming practices, including organic feed and access to the outdoors. They do not receive additional hormones or vitamins but are instead provided with a traditional herbal recipe passed down through generations, reflecting local wisdom. Our raw honey is produced by bees that collect nectar from organically managed flowers and plants around the farm. While bees do not prevent diseases, their pollination services can indirectly contribute to vegetables and fruits resilience. Healthy and well-pollinated plants are often better equipped to resist or recover from disease or environmental stressors. Additionally, the biodiversity that bees support within ecosystems can contribute to more balanced and resilient ecosystems, which can help mitigate disease outbreaks.

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Our seasonal organic vegetable boxes are carefully planned in advance, in order to minimize waste, to maintain affordable prices and to ensure a diverse and fresh selection.

No box contents are fixed. Varieties included may differ from those listed depending on harvests and availability.​

We’re committed to using as little packaging as possible. As much as possible goes in the boxes loose; we only use packaging where it’s absolutely necessary to prevent food waste. Delivered fresh from our farm in Bogor to you within 24 hours after harvest.

Interested in our vegetable box? Click here to order​,

Looking for more info? Check out our FAQs.

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