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A tasty selection of local seasonal organic vegetables, delivered fresh from our farm in Bogor to you within 24 hours after harvest.


This Medium Vegetable box feeds 4-5 people for 1 week with at least 16 varieties per box.


No box contents are fixed. Varieties included may differ from those listed depending on harvests and availability.

  • some infos about our Vegetable Box

    We try our very best to deliver what we’ve planned – but with fresh organic produce, sometimes things can change at the last moment. Bad weather, crop damage; lots of things can mean that we sometimes have to swap an item from your box.

    Wherever possible, we try to choose a fruit or veg that can play a similar role in your kitchen to the one replaced (a salad veg for a salad veg, for example). 


    We’re committed to using as little packaging as possible. As much as possible goes in the boxes loose; we only use packaging where it’s absolutely necessary to prevent food waste.


    Some packaging is a necessary evil. Moist, leafy veg such as lettuces and spinach wilt and lose quality quickly in contact with the air and due to the heat during the transport. Without paper to shade them, potatoes turn green. And loose root veg roll around and make a mess of both the clean produce and the boxes. 


    We always try to balance the environmental impact of packaging against the impact of the food waste that would occur if we didn’t use it. We use only what’s necessary to preserve the quality of the produce.


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