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At BSP Organic Farm we grow our vegetables and fruits organically and use natural spring water directly from the mount Salak. Below are some fresh produce that we grow in our farm.

  • Greens:

Kale, spinach, lettuce, bok-choy. Broccoli,  etc

  • Herbs:

Thyme, lemon grass, sage, peppermint, etc

  • Others:

Tomatoes, carrots, pineapples, snake fruit (salak), papayas, lemon, bananas, peanuts, beetroots, etc



Apart from our fresh vegetables produce,  we also have:
- Organic Mixed, White, Brown, Red & Black Rice 
- Free Range Chicken Eggs

- "Organic Raw Honey"
- Ready to cook Fried Cassava (400 gr / pack)
- Organic Fine Robusta Coffee (Roasted)

- Organic Green Tea

- Organic Red Tea

- Organic White Peony

- Organic Silver Needle

Weekly / Monthly Delivery

BSP Organic farm offers variety of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.

We bring the season's best mix of organic produce from BSP Organic farm right to your doorstep.
You choose the Type, Size and Frequency of your deliveries.

Produce By Order

We are able to accommodate your customized fine produce order *

Contact us for more informations.

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